2020 Dry Character Reel:


“Stunning actor who is flawless in his lines. Ahead of schedule with zero errors, perfect quality, well organized. Flawless performance. Mr. Denton is in my top roster.” – ynstbih (Creator of Skyrim: Summerset Isles)


  • Microphone: Aston Spirit Large Diaphragm Condenser + Stedman Pop Filter
  • Audio Interface // Pre-Amp: Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo + UA 610-A
  • Computer // DAW : Macbook Pro + Logic Pro X 

Recent Projects:

“Black Earth: How We Got Here” | Novel | Author: Michael Cook | Narrator/Producer

“Peach Creek” – Ed, Edd, & Eddy Reboot | Animation | Voice of “Kevin”

“Skyrim: Summerset Isle” V 1.5 – DLC | Voice of “Graddun AldmerisWeylin” & “Angry Old Man”

“Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom Vol. 6” | Motion Comic | Voice of “Eddie Brock Jr. / Venom”

“The Faylor Region” | Fantasy Podcast Series | Role: Narrator / “Mr. Bones”

“End Me” | Visual Novel | Role: Voice of “Cristoph”