Recent Work: Ultimate Spiderman Vol. 6 – Motion Comic – Voice of “Eddie Brock Jr. / Venom”

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“After an exhaustive search for the perfect voice of my main character, I stumbled upon the wonderful voice of Bryce Denton. My book, Black Earth – How We Got Here, features a main character that is both a scientist and an astronaut. Bryce fit both. He brought life to my character, and a warmth that listeners could relate to. Someone they could cheer for, and both laugh and cry with. Bryce was also able to voice no less than a dozen characters throughout the story and made all of them authentic and believable. He’s a true pro and I will hire him again for future projects.” Michael Cook, Author of “Black Earth: How We Got Here”.

“Stunning actor who is flawless in his lines. Ahead of schedule with zero errors, perfect quality, well organized. Flawless performance. Mr. Denton is in my top roster.” – ynstbih, Creator of “Skyrim: Summerset Isle”.

“Working with Bryce has been a very smooth and easy experience. Ludicrously talented voice actor with enthusiasm and ability!” – Sean Goodrich, Creator of “The Faylor Region Podcast”.


Peach Creek” – Ed, Edd, & Eddy Reboot | Animation Series | Voice of “Kevin”

Skyrim: Summerset Isle” V 1.5 | Video Game Expansion | Voice of “Graddun AldmerisWeylin” & “Angry Old Man”

Ultimate Spider-Man: Venom Vol. 6” | Motion Comic | Voice of “Eddie Brock Jr. / Venom”

Black Earth: How We Got Here” | 13hr. Sci-Fi Novel | Audible | Author: Michael Cook | Role: Narrator

“Alien Improv” | Improvisational Podcast Series | Producer/Host

“The Faylor Region” | Fantasy Podcast Series | Role: Narrator / “Mr. Bones”

“Colors of the Rainbow” | Original Animation | Voice of “Turquoise”

“End Me” | Visual Novel | Voice of “Cristoph”

Monster Chess Rally” | Sketch Comedy | Writer/Director/VA

Real Reality” | Sketch Comedy | Co-Writer/Director

“Keeping It Gnar” | Mokumentary Short | Co-Writer/Director

Netherworld Haunted House | Atlanta, GA | 2020 Season | Scare Actor

“Dad Academy” | Short Film (Comedy) | Lead Role: “Gus Miller”

“Demons Within” | Short Film (Drama/Thriller) | Supporting Role Antagonist: “Galvin Theodore”

Home Voiceover Studio
Microphone: Aston Spirit Large Diaphragm Condenser
Audio Interface // Pre-Amp: Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo + UA 610-A
Computer // DAW : Macbook Pro + Logic Pro X

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (BSL: Běishàolín) | PATHS Atlanta Kung Fu | 2 Years
American Style Boxing | Skyy Boxing | 2 Years
Short/Long form Improv
Voice Acting / Audio Engineering
Musicality: Acoustic Drums, Singing Voice (average).